How to Look Great While Staying Comfortable

We all love looking good, but comfort is the top priority. You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. So, how do you remain blissfully comfortable while also looking like you stepped off the cover of a magazine? Fortunately, we have some basic tips to keep your wardrobe easy and breezy while you keep rocking every bit of it.

Shop smart, not hard

The first step to having an excellent wardrobe is the shopping. Firstly, stick to stores that you know and love, and don’t bother hunting the aisles for that perfect thing. The places where you shop the most work for you, and there’s no need to change that. Secondly, stick to your neutrals. White, tan, black, and grey can go with almost anything. This makes it almost unfathomably easy to coordinate an outfit, no matter what. Don’t completely walk away from color though; having pieces in your wardrobe that are bolder will add an extra dimension to your dress code without complicating things. Another great little tip is to keep some staples around, like jeans and a comfortable pair of shoes.

There are a few pieces that are a dream come true for comfort seekers; one of those is the romper. They look good like a dress but wear like a top and shorts, so you don’t risk revealing all of your unmentionables on those windy days.

girl in boots

It’s all in the execution

OK, so you have your wardrobe. Now, its in the wearing. Ditch things that are overly complex to get on, and stick to things you can easily pull on and off, like stretchy fabrics and flowy dresses. If you’re wearing something gloriously loose, you can avoid that frumpy look by showing off a little skin; for example, if you’re wearing that gigantic tee shirt you love, pair it with some little shorts.

Matching tops and bottoms are making a comeback, and they are the ultimate way to make you look put together with zero effort on your part. If you’re still feeling like your outfit is a little boring, you can add a fun print or a sparkly fabric to add a little bit of flare.

girl with cap

May the accessories be with you

When you’re dressing for comfort, accessorizing is the key to success. Shoes, jewelry, and bags can make or break your outfit. Of course, there are rules for these as well. High heels are just one of those things that make everything and everyone uncomfortable, so ditch them. Flats and sneakers are acceptable for everyday wear, and you can get away with lower, chunkier heels if you feel the need for something a little bit more classy. Belts are another thing that you now have permission to throw out of your bedroom window; there are plenty of other ways to accentuate your shape. Summer is coming, and with summer, comes tank tops and revealed bra straps. This can be fixed with pretty little bralettes; that way, its not sloppy looking if they show.

flat shoes

On the care of an easy wardrobe

The first rule of having an easy wardrobe is ensuring that everything in it is machine washable. Nobody wants something that they’re afraid to get dirty, because then they’re not going to wear it. Also, dry cleaning sucks. Another life hack is to wash everything in cold, and then dry it on the lowest setting to make them last longer. Less hassle, more savings. What’s not to love? You also want to avoid embellishments like sequins and graphics; they can fall off or peel and make you look sloppy.


Writen by Shacira Rianna Stevenson